31 Oct 2016

Testimonial - Brett Hannam

My mother had decided that it was time to move into an aged care facility, after my father passing away nearly 7 years. Moving out of the family home was a sensitive issue for a long time. The four children got together to decide how we would assist our elderly mother pack up her house and which real estate agent we would use. We decided to approach 3 real estate agents to get their thoughts. We then chose Ian Muir from Maloneys Real Estate. Ian’s presentation to the family was carefully planned and very professional. He was extremely sensitive to this situation and threw in some ideas that we hadn’t thought of, such as using a “home stylist” with “show” furniture.  Ian spoke frankly without any hint of pressure or “dodgy” statements. Maloneys’ level of service, support, flexibility, communication and follow-up was invaluable. This definitely exceeded the family expectations.  They created a very comfortable atmosphere for open inspections and genuine excitement around the auction.

Ian Muir was the principal agent and contact. Ian also had an array of tradesman contacts which gave us several options to undertake repairs and once again with no “sales pressure” whatsoever. He orchestrated various people to come and put together quotes for things that needed repairing. I had been impressed by his customer service, his easy rapport and respect for myself and my younger sister, Vikki, who became the major point of contact, along with myself.  
Ian always returned calls & emails and surprised us with the amount instant feedback after each showing, which was twice weekly!! The market valuation and marketing approach seemed simple but very effective and reasonably accurate. Basically, Ian did about everything you would expect from a top real estate agent in Canberra.
Ian communicated with everyone who came through the house, seeking their comment, feedback and accurately registering their level of interest. 
On the day of the auction, Ian and Peter Maloney (also the auctioneer) arrived for the big event. My mother had already moved out a few weeks before, but was present at the auction and very nervous and uncomfortable because of never being in in this situation before. Peter and Ian, in particular, had a very calming influence on mum in which seemed to settle a lot of her anxiety. In conducting the auction, Peter Maloney generated a very positive atmosphere and remained focused, even though there were some little “hiccups” in the bidding process. The end result was way over our expectations and a great result for our mother. 

I, personally, have dealt with over 10 real estate agents, over the past 20 years, buying & selling properties in Canberra, and I must say Ian Muir would be the best. That is a fairly strong statement, considering 3 of the past agents I rated very highly!

The Maloneys team, lead by Ian Muir, were fantastic to deal with. I was that impressed with Ian’s personal performance, I decided to engage him to sell a personal investment property. He found a buyer for my property, with a higher price than I expected, in under 3 weeks!!! Fantastic!   Thank you.

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