02 Jun 2015

Testimonial - Robyn Holmes

I chose Maloneys as my agents because the company offered a boutique and personalised approach to selling my home. Their level of service, support, flexibility, communication and follow-up was invaluable and exceeded my expectations. They created a warm and inviting atmosphere for open inspections and a real buzz around the auction, so that the end result was excellent.

Ian Muir was the principal agent and contact. I had first met Ian at several open inspections as I evaluated the market, pondering the dilemma of downsizing. On each occasion, I had been impressed by his customer service, his easy rapport and respect for clients (both sellers and buyers) and his sensibility for my own situation.

Ian became a really special advocate and agent. The proposal he and Moira Maloney put to me was impressive in its preparation, honest and accurate in its market valuation, and targeted in its ideas and marketing approach. Together, their wise counsel and professionalism gave me the confidence to pursue my goals in making that significant life decision to downsize from my large and much loved beautiful home. Ian listened thoughtfully, negotiated and followed up with people in ways that accorded with my values, and supported me in every practical way. He willingly and selflessly assisted me to project-manage the process of preparing my house for auction, especially daunting when you are older and on your own. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I appreciated that Ian acted not just as ‘the real estate agent’ but as a responsive and thoughtful human being. I also discovered several people who knew him in other business and sporting contexts and who equally valued his integrity, commitment to hard work and capacity to relate to people.  

Ian communicated effectively, kept me up to date, followed through exactly on what he promised to do, and more. He phoned every party who came through the house, seeking their comment, feedback and accurately registering their level of interest, without pressuring them. I never had the sense that he was 'just doing his job', but was interested in people and in negotiating flexibly to find the right buyers for my house.

Ian was not just a sole agent, though, and he worked very much as part of a happy and professional team at Maloneys. Moira Maloney added her experience and judgement and they advised me with a common purpose and effervescent spirit, while complementing each other’s style and approach. In conducting the auction, Peter Maloney generated a delightful atmosphere and a great result, consistent with my overall experience of their company. Overall, Maloneys turned what had been a daunting prospect into a positive experience for which I thank them. I can highly recommend their integrity and professionalism.

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