Braddon - The Newest Inner City Hipster Precinct

Braddon - The Newest Inner City Hipster Precinct


Home to the up and coming trendsetters of Canberra, the former light industrial area of Braddon has changed dramatically over the past decade. A carefully planned redevelopment has created a thriving entertainment and residential precinct right on the doorstep of the Canberra CBD.


This inner-city hub was recently categorised by Urbis as one of the ‘hippest’ suburbs in the country and on their brief visit to Canberra the New York Times  identifying Braddon as Canberra’s ‘decidedly hipster underbelly’.

Braddon is basically three parallel streets, and its car yards, hardware stores, panel beaters, takeaways and camping shops are only gradually giving way to coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, bike shops and apartments.

The suburb was well known as a car precinct. From 1920 it was the site of Canberra Garage limited, servicing the city’s fleet; and up until just a few years ago rev heads would spend their Saturday nights cruising up and down past the car yards. If they were to venture back to Braddon now the only circling they would be doing would be looking for a park.


But why do people love Braddon so much? It’s the lifestyle, the endless options and the fact that you are in the heart of what’s trendy in Canberra. 

Hip suburbs like Braddon are at the leading edge of cosmopolitan trends, and offer an unusually rich source of information on future consumer directions. Like fashion trends, not everything that happens in a hip suburb will become mainstream, but much of it will be taken up by the broader consumer market in some form. 

Centring around Lonsdale Street, in Braddon you will find ambitious new dining ventures like 86 along side entrenched establishments such as Italians & Sons., Plus an eclectic mix of homewares stores, vintage op shops, pop up art, fashion and design stores as well as award winning hairdressing salons.

Now is the time to get your foot in the door before the market booms in this up and coming suburb and this best kept secret is out.

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