Keeping Fit in the ACT

Keeping Fit in the ACT



Working out in Canberra

After four years living in the ACT, I have fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer. Fitness is a true passion of mine and I am very excited to express my adoration of keeping active in the Nation’s Capital. When it comes to scenery, whether it is a melted summer afternoon or a frost bitten winter morning – Canberra never seems too shy to put on a show!

From watching the sunset paint a perfect canvas over the lake during an evening run, or admiring snow-covered mountains in the distance as you reach the peak of Mount Ainslie - Canberra will never fail to get you positively up and moving to enjoy its radiant surroundings whilst enjoying your favourite fitness activity.


Lake Burley Griffin

Our famous Lake Burley Griffin is one of the most popular walking, cycling and running locations in Canberra –and why wouldn’t it be! The lake has never had so much to offer on its shores. Whilst enjoying a walk or jog, you can take in such sights as the Carillion at Aspen Island, the National Library and the High Court. Making your way around to the south side of the lake, you will find yourself at the Kingston Foreshore – an up and coming hot spot for restaurants, bars and cafes. A great place to unwind at the end of your activities, by grabbing a refreshment or spoiling yourself with some breakky and a coffee!

One popular route of the lake is the bridge to bridge run, a five kilometre loop, that sure is set to get your blood pumping and the serotonin flowing.

The lake offers many rest stops, bubblers and has wide walking paths to allow for joggers and walkers alike. Â Overall, Lake Burley Griffin is a must for anyone who enjoys light or intense work out routines and a whole lot of scenery along the way.


Mount Taylor and Mount Ainslie

Two great mountains stand tall in Canberra, amongst a few others of course. However, if you are looking for a pleasant surprise after a moderate – intense work out, these are your go to hotspots. If you enjoy a good burn in the quads and the peaceful surroundings of Australia’s finest flora and occasionally, the odd kookaburra, lizard or roo – be sure to challenge one of these mountains.

Both mountains contain a mix of flat ground and steep slopes.

Be sure to wear your finest walking or running shoes to maintain a steady grip on the decline. You will come across rocky sections, steep steps and some uneven ground. Â Nevertheless, I promise the view is worth it.

If you are after a more intense work out, why not run? Â Set yourself a time, and make that sunset!

Mt. Taylor (personal favourite due to location and intensity):

Access point is from Parkhill Street, Pearce. The start of the run is from the National Bicentennial trail to the east of the mountain.

Length: Around 850-860m and will take you around half an hour, twenty minutes depending on your pace.


Bikram Yoga Kingston

A new favourite of mine is Bikram Yoga, all thanks to Moira in sales at Maloney’s Real Estate. Located in the charismatic suburb of Kingston near Green Square on Eyre Street, you are sure to experience the amazing after-effects of even one session of this intense 90-minute workout!

If regular yoga didn’t have enough benefits, Bikram has taken it to a completely new level. A 90-minute session involves a set of yoga moves and breathing techniques in a room set to 40.6 degrees. Never will you experience a more fulfilling sense of relaxation upon exiting the studio. You will sweat in areas you didn’t know you could, but this yoga practice is 100% worth a try for anyone willing to brave the heat and get a little sweaty!


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