Meet the Team: Melissa Hueso

Meet the Team: Melissa Hueso


Melissa is the typical Maloney’s team member, adaptable with excellent customer service. Her role is primarily to assist the sales team, but don’t be surprised if she runs out to do inspections to help out.

She is dedicated to ensuring the sales team are well supported through her superior organisational skills. She is a person who embodies common sense, making her a very valuable asset to the Maloney’s team.

Like many people in the Maloney’s organisation Melissa brings to her role the variety of her life and work experiences. She has worked as a sales person, property manager and now her most important role mother.

Melissa is a down-to-earth communicator, an important quality to the Maloney’s organization. Melissa is always happy to discuss any questions you might have with your sale.

To speak with Melissa, call 02 6232 0100.


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