Moving interstate - what you need to consider when turning your home into an investment property

Moving interstate - what you need to consider when turning your home into an investment property


If you're moving away from Canberra, and wondering about the pros and cons of whether to sell or to keep your home and rent it out as an investment property, here is our advice on what you need to consider before making a decision. 

One of the big factors is whether you plan to live in the same property on your return. Another key consideration in renting out the family home is that the minute you pull the door shut behind you it becomes an investment property. If you decide to go down this path, your long-term planning needs to consider the following factors: 

  • How to maximise your tax dollar
  • Insurance must reflect market value of your property
  • Budget for smart maintenance
  • gardening - it is an expensive investment not to maintain
  • Property depreciation schedule.

Maloney’s Property is a local Canberra company that is big enough to be systemised, organised, structured and well-resourced, while also being small enough to care about each and every one of their clients. With their extensive experience, the team at Maloney’s can help guide you to make the right decision for you. They understand that making these decisions is not just an accounting exercise, there are many parts to your decision.

For the team at Maloney’s, “protecting your real estate investment while maximising its potential” is a primary objective. Over the past 19 years, Maloney’s have been very proud of their proven record in property management. They are focused on achieving superior results for their clients, while striving to continually improve their services. Willing to initiate change ensure Maloney’s are market leaders with a clear vision to provide outstanding service to owners and tenants. 

Led by Peter and Sue Maloney, their dedicated management team ensure that each property and tenant receives maximum attention. Maloney’s are proactive when it comes to leasing your property. With full-time, dedicated staff, you can be sure that professional and honest market feedback will be delivered. With their superior product knowledge, coupled with accurate information, the Maloney’s team ensure their clients are always up to date. They maintain and grow a strong and active database, including diplomatic and executive tenants looking for quality properties.

If you would like all the features and benefits of a tailor-made property management solution, call Maloney’s today on 6232 0100.

This article was featured in the Canberra Weekly on Thursday, 13 August 2015


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