Philip Kouvelis marks 50 years in real estate

Philip Kouvelis marks 50 years in real estate

These days it is a remarkable achievement to survive 50 years in any industry, let alone real estate—but that is exactly what Agent and Auctioneer at Maloney’s Property, Philip Kouvelis, has achieved in 2023.
Philip is one of the most experienced real estate agents in Canberra and has the runs on the board, and awards, to prove it.
Some of the many awards Philip has received include the Real Estate Industry of the ACT’s inaugural President’s Award for Service to the Real Estate Industry, being voted three times as the REIACT Auctioneer of the Year and becoming a Life Fellow of the REIACT in 2003.
There is no doubting Philip’s professionalism and respect amongst estate agents in Canberra—but where did it all start?

 Philip Kouvelis in his early days

According to Philip, at 19, he was ready to sign up for the police force but decided to go into real estate instead.
A loss for the police but a major gain for the real estate industry in Canberra.
“After being told I was too young by four real estate agencies, I was given an opportunity with Tanner Real Estate in 1973,” Philip said.

John Tanner was the President of the Real Estate Institute, and he shared with Philip his vast experience with the industry and how to work with people.
As a cadet property manager, Philip earned $36 a week. In 1974, he sold his first home in Curtin for $24,000.
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, but Philip says he specifically remembers two notable events:
1. In 2001, he achieved the Whole-of-Canberra record by auctioning a home in Mugga Way for $2.26 million, the highest price ever achieved in Canberra by auction, and
2. When he started, there were no websites, mobile phones, or social media,

“House prices jumped from $17,000 in 1973 to $50,000 in 1979 and in the late 1970s I sold a house in Kambah and Griffith for $43,000’.”
As an example of how the market has changed since then, Philip says the house in Griffith would now be worth more than $2 million and approximately $800,000 in Kambah.

 Philip Kouvelis’ 50th year in real estate

Philip has also seen a revolution in technology.

“In the 1970s, there were no mobile phones or open homes. If you needed to make a phone call you popped 20 cents into a public phone box and showing houses was by appointment only,” Philip explained.
Philip says if you wanted to promote a property, you had to meet the Canberra Times deadline for the Saturday paper and put up a ‘For Sale sign’.
“Things have certainly changed from the 1970s where there was no social media and no real estate websites.”
Philip says that technological change in the real estate industry has been revolutionary, but there is still a place for good old professional customer service.
But first, let’s go back to when Philip branched out and established a real estate agency.
After six years with Tanner Real Estate, in 1979, Philip branched out with Philip Kouvelis Real Estate, setting up an office above a fruit shop on Bunda Street.
“I also had an office in Deakin for 20 years and then an office in Garran for 20 years after that.”
In 2019, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, Philip Kouvelis Real Estate joined Maloney’s Property. The two businesses became one, with Philip remaining a leading sales agent.
After 50 years in the real estate industry in Canberra, Philip Kouvelis is still going strong and puts most of his success down to hard work and the early lessons he learned about working with people all those years ago.
“My philosophy has been to build clients for life.”
And Philip has certainly done that, with many clients listing multiple properties with him over the decades.
“I work hard to secure trust with my clients by being a good agent—some of them have become lifelong friends,” Philip concluded.
If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Canberra, then why not contact Maloney’s Property, and speak directly to Philip Kouvelis today.


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