Premium short stay accommodation requires premium room service

Premium short stay accommodation requires premium room service

Many people spend their first visit to Canberra in a short-stay apartment, which serves as one of their first impressions of our beautiful city. If they are visiting Canberra for work, they will certainly appreciate returning to a clean apartment with all the creature comforts of home after a long day in the office. As a landlord of a short-stay apartment, it is essential to understand the needs of your clientele and ensure these needs are met.

In fact it has been found, short-stay guests prioritise clean, well-appointed accommodation over pools, gym facilities and other add-ons.

Engaging a premium room service company is one way to ensure your clients have a comfortable stay. Prioritising the comfort of your guests ensures they will return and recommend your property, which will ultimately increase your return on investment.

Here are 5 things to look for when you engage a premium room service company:

1. Experience and professionalism
When it comes to premium room servicing, consistent quality is paramount. You need to have confidence your cleaning company is reliable and won’t take short cuts or rush the job. A company who has had experience cleaning short-stay accommodation will understand what is important to guests. They will also have an efficient process to get your property clean as quickly as possible so you’re not paying any more than you need to for cleaning services. A company who offers other cleaning services, such as carpet and drapes is also advantageous.

2. Quality cleaning products
It is important you have confidence in the products your cleaning company is using. You need a company who can supply their own products, but these products need to be high quality, certified, and commercially sourced so you also receive good value for money.

3. Expertise
If your property has premium materials and finishes (such as wood and marble), your cleaning company must have expertise in cleaning these surfaces. They need to know what products can be used on specific materials to avoid damage.

4. Attention to detail
There are other areas of the property, such as blinds, windows and windowsills, which do not need to be cleaned every week, but do need to be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure the property maintains a high-quality finish.

5. Reliability
It is important to engage a reliable cleaning service. You need to have peace of mind they understand your requirements and the property is turned around quickly between guests.  

Your property manager and a reliable room servicing company are two key services for your property:

  1. your property manager secures bookings for your property
  2. your room servicing company ensures your guests feel comfortable, so they will return and recommend you.

Both of these services ensure your property remains a sustainable long-term investment for your portfolio.

Canberra Room Service provides premium cleaning and changeover services for short stay accomodation, long term leasing and rental properties. Call 02 62959430 for bookings and information.


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