Tips on how to live with a dog in a Canberra apartment

Tips on how to live with a dog in a Canberra apartment

Dogs and Canberra go hand in hand, it is hard to go for a stroll through this city and not see ‘man’s best friend’ at some point on your trip. 

‘It’s great that, under most circumstances, tenants can now have their dogs with them in their rental apartments—but there are things you can do to ensure your relationship with your ‘furry friend’ and the landlord stays on-track,’ Maloney’s Property Managing Director, Peter Maloney, said.

Maloney’s Property have been finding pet friendly apartments for tenants in Canberra for over 30 years and have the experience and local knowledge to make sure you and your four-legged friend find the right home.

But just because you can have a pet in your apartment, doesn’t always mean you should. If you are thinking of getting a dog as the newest addition to your residence here is a quick checklist to make sure that now is the right time:

  • Is the property suitable to keep a dog?
  • Will the dog do unreasonable damage to the rental property?
  • Is the dog a risk to public health and safety?
  • Will keeping the dog at the rental property mean the landlord suffers significant hardship?
  • Will keeping the dog be against the law?
  • What are the body corporate rules relating to pets?

Now that you have worked through these questions, and are still wanting to add a dog to your life, here is a Maloney Property's approved checklist on how to give your furry friend its best life in an apartment. 


1. Train your dog

Put training your dog at the top of your list. Having a well-trained dog will give you a better chance that your dog will behave in your apartment and not cause too much trouble.

2. Choose the right dog for your apartment

You might think that your dog chose you—but you may need to have more input if you want to share an apartment with them.

Things to consider in your breed choice include:

  • Size of breed
  • Amount of waste they produce
  • Exercise requirement
  • Dog training
  • Need for company


3. The apartment complex itself

The features of your apartment building also play a part in your dog’s quality of life. There are three key things you should be aware of when considering a dog for your apartment:

  • Are you located on the ground floor with easy outdoor access? Or are you located 10 levels and a 10-minute walk away from the nearest park?
  • Do you have a balcony? This is important for those located on higher apartment levels as this not only gives your new puppy extra space to run around but also an emergency place for bathroom breaks if you can’t make it to the park in time. 
  • What is the noise policy? No one likes being kept awake by loud noises, and as cute as puppies are they can have some lungs on them when they are in an unfamiliar environment. Make sure that there are no building wide policies for noise control, and make sure to plan accordingly to limit stress on your newest family member. 


4. Establishing a routine for your dog

Dogs and humans both thrive on a routine. If you walk and take your dog to the toilet at the same time each day this may save on toilet accidents and carpet cleaning bills in the long run.


5. Maintain interest in your dog

You got your dog as a puppy for Christmas when you were on holiday, and you had plenty of time to spend with your dog inside and outside your apartment. Now your busy life has taken over and you no longer have as much time to spend with it. Ways to address this include:

  • Neighbours. Making friends with neighbours that can help you stick to a routine that is good for you and your dog. Added bonus is that they are close by and can step in if you are unable to look after your dog because you are going away.
  • Puppy play dates. Finding close friends for your dog that are similar in temperament means that you have an easy way to get rid of their excess energy without tiring yourself out in the process.
  • Dog toys give your dog mental stimulation. This can help to make sure that your dog is entertained during the day when you are at work and aren’t getting into things that they shouldn’t be—stimulated dogs are well-behaved dogs! 


6. Keep your dog healthy

A healthy dog will be easier to care for so regular visits to the vet and keeping up with vaccinations are important.

Maloney’s Property can help you find the right apartment for you and the whole family to rent—so why not set up an appointment today!


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