Why Maloneys should manage your Canberra investment property

Why Maloneys should manage your Canberra investment property

Have you ever pondered the challenges of managing your rental property in Canberra? It might seem like a great way to save money, but once you've delved into the day-to-day responsibilities, you'll realise it's more complex. Let's explore these challenges and uncover why partnering with a local, professional property manager like Maloney’s Property might be your best strategy.

Maloney’s Property is one of Canberra’s most experienced and respected property management companies with 30 years of experience. We help property owners and investors navigate the modern ways of renting and managing their property.

Below are Maloney’s Property’s top 10 reasons to use a professional property manager in Canberra:
1. You have better things to do with your time

Self-managing rental properties require a substantial time commitment. As a property investor, you are better off using your time to generate income in your employment or business to make further investments.
2. Red Tape (laws and regulations)

Unless you are prepared to spend a significant amount of time reading and understanding laws and regulations related to your rental property, such as tenancy law – leave the stress of staying on top of and complying with relevant laws and regulations to your professional Canberra property manager from Maloney’s Property.
3. More efficient maintenance

Your Canberra rental property must be regularly inspected, maintained, and repairs must be seen to before they become more extensive and costly problems. An experienced and respected property manager from Maloney’s Property can save you time and money. Our trusted network of tradies and suppliers ensures we update you regularly on inspections and completed work.
4. Finding and communicating with tenants

If you have a long-term rental or returning tenants for a short-term rental, then you will want to ensure you have a good tenant and that you retain the tenant. This involves having a good selection process and ongoing professional communication with the tenant.

Maloney’s Property’s professional property managers can flag potential problems with tenants and maintain professional communication so you don’t have to worry about your investment property.

5. Market knowledge

Understanding what is happening in the Canberra property market will mean that the rent for your investment property is set at the optimum level to give you the best return on your investment.

Maloney’s Property has its finger on the pulse of the Canberra property market and can work with you to maximise your investment property potential.

6. Advertising and marketing

Working with a professional property manager from Maloney’s Property will mean that your Canberra investment property is advertised to reach the maximum audience for your optimum tenant.

7. Administration

A lot of paperwork and administration is involved in managing a rental property. Some contracts must meet minimum requirements and bills relating to local taxes, rates, maintenance and repairs. And, of course, there is the matter of ensuring that rent is paid and rent receipts are sent.

A professional property manager from Maloney’s Property can work with you to ensure that the paperwork and administration involved with your investment property are taken care of and that your rights as a landlord are protected.

These are just seven reasons why you should have Maloney’s Property manage your Canberra rental property – there are many more.

But it really all goes back to the first reason – ‘You have better things to do with your time’. Working with a professional property manager from Maloney’s Property will mean that you will get and retain a better tenant, and your investment property will be better maintained and administered – leaving you with more time to work towards your next investment property.



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