Tips for Buying at Auctions

Be Prepared

Prior to bidding or making an offer, have you

Offer prior to auction

In some case the owner may consider an offer prior to auction. You need to be aware that any offer of this nature it is made under auction conditions and if accepted it will require an immediate unconditional exchange of contracts prior to the property being taken of the market. Your offer will need to be submitted in writing on the contract document, attached with your agreed deposit and cooling off certificate from your solicitor.

Auction day checklist


Properties are usually open a minimum of 30 minutes prior to auction, so it’s a great idea to have one final look.

Register to bid.

Ensure you bring ID. It’s a good idea to register before the start of an auction. If you are running late, don’t worry you can register right up until the fall of the hammer.


Make sure your bidding number is visible to the auctioneer when you make a bid.

Know your limit

Always ensure you bid to what you can afford. Know your maximum. Auction day can be stressful and this can stop you from getting carried away.

At the fall of the hammer

If you have any further questions we are more than happy to discuss these with you.




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