“As landlords, we have been associated with Maloney's Real Estate for the past 12 years. They have always been proactive in keeping us appraised of the latest market trends and providing us with regular and fair rental reviews. We have always found them to be professional, respectful and very helpful and so have not hesitated in recommending them to friends and family as real estate agents and property managers. We look forward to our continued association with them.”
Nella & Graeme Harrison

“We’ve got better things to do with our time than manage our rental properties. Maloney’s take the stress away and ensure we have more time to spend with our familieswe have total confidence in them.”
David and Trish Fletcher

“Maloney’s provide us with seamless property management service. Their prompt and efficient attention to leasing and maintenance issues, together with timely and accurate accounting for rental income are what we feel sets Maloney’s apart from the others.”
Michael Slaven

“Maloney’s give us our valuable time back – time that can be better spent with our families and other more enjoyable activities. We have found their property management services to be responsive and quick to sort out any issues. They always have our best interests at heart.”
Terry Ring and Helen King

and how maximum returns and minimal stress is achieved for proerty investors.

  • 1. We are big enough to be systemised, organised, structured and well resourced, also small enough to care about all our clients
  • 2. Our website has a major focus on property management. A powerful and time saving tool for investors and tenants
  • 3. Exclusive on-line portal provides investors with convenient 24/7 access to all your properties details. Here, everything including ledgers is in order
  • 4. We contract only professional photographers to deliver better representations of your property
  • 5. We offer flexible property income options
  • 6. Inspection reports are thoroughly completed and supported by photographic evidence
  • 7. Direct debit arrangements minimise rental arrears

proven, preferred and guaranteed

  • 8. Dedicated management team ensure properties and tenants receive maximum attention
  • 9. Tenants can apply quickly for properties with our on-line, easy, no-fuss applications
  • 10. We maintain and grow a strong, active database of diplomatic and executive tenants searching quality properties
  • 11. Our complete property management coverage and advice supports you to invest with confidence in the Canberra market.

If you would like a reality check with all the benefits of a tailor-made, property management consultation and assessment, call Sue Maloney today.

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