Bond payments


The bond will be held during the term of the tenancy agreement by the "Office of Rental Bonds"

The bond will not exceed the equivalent of 4 weeks rent of the original tenancy agreement.

The bond is not accessible to either party (Lessee or Lessor) during a tenancy agreement.

The bond must not be used by the tenant to pay rent.

The bond may only be released in part or in full:

  • By the tenant to the lessor
  • By the lessor to the tenant
  • By an uncontested application for the release of the bond
  • In the case of a contested application, by an order by the residential Tenancies Tribunal

The release of bond monies will only take place at the end of a tenancy agreement after inspection by the lessor (or the agent on behalf of the lessor) and the lessor (or their agent) is satisfied with the condition and cleanliness of the premises. The tenant is obliged under prescribed term 99 of the tenancy agreement to advise the lessor (or their agent) of a forwarding address on vacating the premises.

For more details see the rental bonds website.


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