Changes to tenancy agreements


Approval must be obtained before any changes to the residents in the property take place. 

Any requests to change a tenancy agreement should be from all current tenants not just the vacating tenant. If your tenancy is periodic and one party provides notice this will end the tenancy for all parties and any who wish to stay will need to confirm and sign a new agreement.

This is not a quick process as you are terminating one agreement and starting another. We need to process applications, seek owner approval and prepare documents this can take time and your patience is necessary.

Any new tenants need to accept the property in the condition left by the current tenants and the original condition report will be used at the end of their tenancy.

The leaseholder cannot be released from the tenancy (when on a fixed term) without approval from the owner.

As stated in Prescribed Term 72, 73 of The Residential Tenancies Act:
Tenant shall not sell, dispose of, or sublet the tenancy without the consent of the lessor The tenant shall not assign or sublet the premises or any part of them without the written consent of the lessor. Consent may be given at any time. No rights in respect of the premises may be created in any third party prior to consent being obtained from the lessor.

Contact your property manager for more information if you want to make any changes to the tenants or occupants of the property.


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