Rent payments

All Maloney͛s new tenants are required to pay rent by direct debit, this is where we actually withdraw the funds from your selected bank account. There is no cost for this facility and we adjust all rental due dates to fall on the day that you request.

Maloneys have a zero tolerance policy for rent arrears. You will be contacted by telephone and SMS daily if your rent falls between 3-7 days late. Notice to remedy will be issued if you reach 8 days late and may result in a notice to vacate.

Rent is to be paid in advance at all times. This means that you have to pay for the upcoming rent period in advance i.e. if you pay rent on a Thursday fortnightly basis, every Thursday you pay for the next fortnight and so on. The amount in advance is used up each time and on the day rent falls due they are no longer in advance until the next payment is received. Tenants sometimes think that when they give us notice they have a spare two weeks rent 'in advance' up their sleeves. This is not the case.

All rent paid to dates in Maloney͛s system are up to but not including, this means that the paid to date on your receipt is the next day that rent is due. If at any stage you wish to change the date your rental payments are due or to change your bank account details you must advise us in writing. You can do this e-mail or post.

When you decide to vacate the property the final rent is calculated on a daily basis up to the day you actually vacate the premises and keys are returned. 


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