Routine inspections

During your tenancy you will have twice yearly routine inspections, as per clause 77 of “The Prescribed Terms” of your tenancy agreement, you will be notified in writing by email at least 7 days prior when your inspection will be carried out.

This inspection will be carried out on the day and time specified and you are not required to be present during this inspection as the office set of keys can be used to carry out the inspection.

Our office carries out the inspections in a geographically grouped batch, so your assistance is requested in making sure that you notify all occupants of the date that the inspection will be performed as soon as possible after receiving your letter. Should you find the need to reschedule the booked inspection or change the time we will do our best to meet your needs however inspections are only carried out between 9.00 am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

In addition to your routine inspections you will also have a First Inspection within 28 days of the start of your tenancy and a pre-vacate inspection once notice to vacate has been issued. Please note that routine inspections and pre-vacate inspections will not be as detailed as the final check out inspection.

We will be taking photos at the inspections there will be a minimum of 2 internal and 2 external shots in order for us to be able to report to the owner that the property is being maintained correctly and to show any repairs or maintenance required. These photos will not be used for anything other than the inspection purposes.

What we will be checking at routine inspections:

  • The property must be clean and tidy
  • The carpet must not be obstructed by items other than furniture and must be stain free
  • Stove, grill, oven, exhaust fans and dishwashers are all clean
  • Windows and sills are cleaned and free of moisture
  • Bathrooms are to be free of all mould and soap scum including ceilings
  • Toilets are to be cleaned inside and out
  • Lawns are to mowed, edges trimmed and gardens weeded where applicable
  • Approved pets should be restrained for property inspections for their safety and ours. Any droppings to be picked up and removed.

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