Seasonal Gardening

If you have chosen to rent a property with a garden you are responsible for maintaining the gardens and grounds. This includes watering, mowing, trimming, weeding, the removal of waste and the prevention of damage i.e. not parking vehicles on lawns or gardens.
Excess garden waste is not to be used as mulch!


A good time for a clean-up, in preparation for plant growth.

Reset sprinkler systems (if available)


Adjust periods for watering lawns and garden beds. Tenants have a responsibility to keep the grass and plants healthy and trimmed.


Rake leaves, reset sprinkler systems (if available).

Remove waste material.


Maintain appropriate water to gardens and lawns (frosts actually dry grass and plants out

If any water restrictions are in place this is not an excuse for not watering the lawns and plants at a property. If you have rented a property with a garden you will be responsible for the maintenance. A copy of the scheme of temporary restrictions outlining each stage for water restrictions is at the rear of this handbook.


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