Taking care of the property

It is a requirement of the tenancy agreement that you take care of the property.


Please ensure that no combustible or flammable material is placed on or near heater to avoid a fire risk. If you have a ducted heating system please ensure that the filter is cleaned regularly.

Combustion heaters are to be kept clean of ash build up and a mat placed in front of them to avoid damage to the flooring by coals or ash falling gout. Please obtain approval before using any fireplace within a property sometime these are ornamental only or the chimney has been blocked up. Should it be approved for use all care must be taken as any damage caused by coals, ash or sparks falling will be your responsibility.

Air conditioners

Please ensure that filters on any air conditioning unit are cleaned regularly this ensures efficient and effective performance. Should the unit require repair or servicing and it is found to be due to unclean filters the cost of this repair may be passed on to you.

Damage to the property

Please ensure that all damage to the property is reported to our office as soon as possible after the event.

Fixtures and fittings

If you wish to install or remove any fixtures or fittings you must make a request in writing. You must not paint any part of the property or remove curtains or carpeting without written approval.

Picture hooks

You must not install any hooks in the property without approval. Please forward a written request advising where and what type of hooks you would like to add. You must have our written approval in writing prior to any addition. You must not paint any part of the property.


You must take care to ensure that you do not disrupt your neighbours with noise. It is a requirement under the tenant agreement and may result in notice to remedy. This includes the behaviour of any visitors you may have at the property. Particular care must be given in apartment or townhouse complexes.


The replacement of light globes and batteries in remote controls or smoke alarms is your responsibility. Should you replace these items and they still not function please report to our office.

No smoking

All of Maloney’s rental properties have a smoke free policy. We respect your right to smoke however we request that you smoke outside of the premises. If you still choose to smoke inside the property any costs for specialised cleaning to remove odours or damage will be your responsibility.

Pot plants and Aquariums

Please do not have pot plants or aquariums inside the premises. Pot plants placed on hard surfaces particularly tiles and linoleum may leave an indent, stain or damage. Pot plants placed on carpets runs the risk of carpet rot or staining, even with plates or containers underneath. Aquariums like pot plants can leave marks on floors and the weight of a filled aquarium may cause permanent indentations and damage to carpet.

House cracking and movement

Please notify us if you notice any movement or crack to walls or ceilings. If pre-existing cracks appear to be growing larger please also let us know.

Vermin or pests

Vermin and pests are an unfortunate fact of life particularly in the colder months. Your first action should be to purchase traps or bait to try and rectify the situation along with ensuring that all food is contained and spills, crumbs and pet food that attract vermin are cleaned up promptly. The same goes for general spider entry into the property. Should you be experiencing an infestation please report it via our website www.maloneys.com.au

Termites can quickly cause extensive damage to a property. Signs can include wood becoming brittle, sounding hollow when tapped or knocked or the presence of mud deposits and actual termites themselves. If you see any signs of termites or termite damage please bring this to our attention

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned on six to twelve monthly basis simply due to general living. The best time to do this is during the warmer months. We do not recommend the use of do-it-yourself machines as they do not always remove the water that is pumped into the carpets adequately and in the long term cause more damage than good.

General Cleaning

Part of your requirements under the Tenancy Agreement is to keep the property reasonably clean. Please pay particular attention the following items on a regular basis:

  • Stove (particularly behind and down sides), griller, oven and spill bowls must be cleaned.
  • Remove dirty marks from doors, walls, switches, power points and skirting boards.
  • Air vents should be dusted or wiped over. Particularly those for heating and cooling systems.
  • Bathrooms, toilets, basins, shower recesses, tracks, tiles, soap dishes and glass to be free of all grime, soap residue and mould.
  • All windows, sills, screens and tracks to be regularly cleaned and dusted.
  • Exhaust fan covers should be taken from ceiling and washed
  • Venetian blinds should be dusted and cleaned, curtains kept free from dust and if suitable machine washed.
  • Floors should be regularly swept and mopped, and carpets vacuumed regularly.
  • Cobwebs to be removed inside and outside of home.
  • Light fittings should be cleaned of dust and cobwebs.
  • Ventilation – please ensure all rooms are adequately ventilated to avoid problems associated with condensation which can cause mould and health issues. This is particularly important during the colder months when condensation can cause serious damage to curtains, paint work and carpets.

Taking care in the kitchen

  • Please ensure that chopping boards are used on bench tops and sinks to avoid cut marks and scratches
  • Please ensure that dishwashers are cleaned on a regular basis and that filters are cleaned of food remains.
  • Ensure that range hood filters are kept clean and the range hood cleaned of oil build up regularly
  • Be on the lookout for any water inside of cupboards or underneath dishwashers and report immediately to avoid permanent water damage
  • Please take care when using certain cleaning products and/or scourers when cleaning to avoid permanent damage to surfaces i.e. stainless steel can become permanently damaged by oven cleaners always read instructions

Taking care in wet areas

  • Should a sink or bath tub become blocked first try a cleaning product like Draino. Follow instructions carefully, if the bath, sink or basin remains blocked please report to us via our website. Take care to ensure foreign objects are not placed down the drains, should a plumber be employed to unblock drains and the blockage is caused by something foreign the expense will be billed to the tenant.
  • Should you notice loose tiles to walls, the shower recess or behind the laundry tub please ensure that you let us know.
  • Likewise should you notice any water damage adjacent to shower recesses, bathtubs etc. please let us know immediately.

Taking care outside the property

  • Weeding garden beds, paths, paving and other external areas are the responsibility of the tenant as is the trimming of bushes and shrubs in and around the garden.
  • Lawns need to be mown regularly and the edges kept neat and tidy.
  • Supplied hoses, fittings and accessories are to be kept in good condition and be in place at the end of the tenancy free from damage.
  • Please ensure that rubbish is removed from the property regularly this includes items such as car parts, old pieces of furniture and lawn clippings.
  • Please ensure that vehicles are only parked in the allocated parking areas, at no time should they be parked on lawns, gardens or any other area not designated as vehicle parking. Any permanent damage caused to lawns and gardens will be the tenant’s responsibility and cost to rectify.
  • Please also note that any vehicle that may drip oil should have a drip tray placed underneath it. Oil spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent permanent stains. Any permanent staining on concrete driveways, carports or garage floors will result in compensation being charged to the tenant.

Swimming pools or spas

If the property that you are renting has a swimming pool or spa please pay attention to the following:

  • Unless it is agreed otherwise in your tenancy agreement the cleaning and maintenance of the pool or spa will be the responsibility of the tenant. The pool must be maintained in its original clean state and any costs incurred to return the pool to this during or at the end of the tenancy will be the tenants.
  • The pool or spa must be kept topped with water and must not be emptied without written approval from us.
  • The cost of all chemicals required will be the tenant’s responsibility.
  • The tenant must maintain and keep in good condition any pool covers, accessories, cleaning and maintenance equipment. They must be stored out of the sun and supplied covers must be neatly rolled or folded when not in use.
  • We must be notified immediately if pool fences and gates are not functioning correctly. State pool/spa regulations must be adhered to at all time.

These can be found at www.actpla.act.gov.au


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