Vacating Checklist


This checklist will help you prepare for your final inspection. To avoid cleaning charges and possible deductions from your bond we strongly suggest that you attend to the following items prior to your final inspection. Whilst we will attempt to allow you access to the property if further items need to be attended to we cannot guarantee this will be an option and as a result your bond refund may be delayed by a claim. If you engage cleaners and further cleaning is required after the final inspection it is your responsibility to contact the cleaners to return. Always check their work against the cleaning checklist prior to paying for the service.


The following items will be checked at your final inspection


Inside the property
  • All damage to the property must be repaired BEFORE check out
  • All furniture and furnishings to be replaced according to the inventory
  • Furniture and upholstery where applicable must be left clean and intact
  • Stove (particularly behind and down sides), griller, oven and spill bowls must be cleaned
  • All of kitchen, inside cupboards, drawers, splashback tiles
  • Range hood filters to be cleaned and all greasy residue removed
  • Where applicable, fridge, dryers and washing machines to be cleaned inside, out and behind.
  • Filters to be cleaned where applicable
  • Exhaust fan covers to be taken from ceiling and washed
  • Air vents, heating and cooling ducts and filters to be dusted or wiped over
  • All light fitting must be cleaned, remove all dust and remove any dead insects. All bulbs must be in working order
  • Carpets must be professionally cleaned a receipt to be produced at inspection
  • All windows, sills, screens and tracks to be cleaned including sliding doors. Glass to be cleaned inside and out
  • Any dirty marks, fingerprints and scuff marks to be removed from doors, walls and skirtings
  • Flyscreens and screen doors ensure are clean and/or brushed to remove dust. Mesh to be intact
  • If applicable, venetian blinds must be wiped clean
  • All floors and skirtings to be wiped over or mopped. Ensure corners and hard to get places are not missed.
  • Particular attention is to be paid to the bathrooms, clean bathroom cabinets inside and out, basins, shower recesses, tracks, tiles, soap dishes and glass to be free of all soap residue, grime and mould. Please wash shower curtain or replace. Plugs are to be in place
  • Toilets, ensure cistern, seat, bowl and around the base are cleaned. Don’t forget the skirting tiles and behind the toilet
  • Laundry, ensure that the trough is clean inside and out. Plug to be present
  • Any mould on ceilings needs to be removed by cleaning, particularly in wet areas
  • Cupboards/Drawers, please wipe out all shelves and clean doors inside and out
  • Cobwebs to be removed inside and outside of home
  • Chimneys are to be cleaned where applicable and a receipt produced.



Outside the property
  • Lawns to be mowed, edges trimmed this is best done only a couple of days before the final inspection
  • Gardens, flowerbeds and pebble or bark areas to be weed free. Remove any rubbish including cigarette butts
  • All rubbish and compost to be removed from the premises. Be sure to check sheds, and under house or decking
  • Driveways, carports and concrete/paved areas, to be swept clean and free of oil, grease, leaves etc
  • Gutters and downpipes are free of debris.

If you have a pet
  • Property to be treated for pest control for flea eradication, receipt to be produced
  • All pet droppings to be removed from lawns, gardens beds and out of the way areas and disposed of
  • Any evidence of the pet to be removed for example pet hair, urine on areas such as verandah posts or walls
  • Check curtains, fly screens and screen doors for cat/dog claw damage. Replace screen wire if required
  • Any other damage caused by your pet to be rectified
  • Ensure that watering systems are free from damage and repaired accordingly.
Other items
  • Please also ensure that you have redirected your mail to your new address, new tenants are advised to return to sender any mail they receive that is not theirs
  • Please ensure that you have contact utilities companies to have services disconnected
  • Keys from all occupants are collected and returned to our office prior to the final inspection.

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