Looking at boosting your rental returns?

Maloney’s are always looking at ways of increasing our property investor returns.

If you have a quality apartment in Canberra you have 3 main options  

  • Long term unfurnished  
  • Long term furnished  
  • Accommodate which is short term fully serviced.

In 2008 we started an exclusive executive short term rental business called Accommodate Canberra.

In short, our typical returns are –

  • 1 bedroom of between $900 – 1100 per week
  • 2 bedroom of between $1200 - $1400 per week
  • 3 bedroom of between $1400 - $1600 per week

Not all apartments are suitable for Accommodate but if your apartment is you could nett around 50% more rental income.

If you would like to know more about accommodate Canberra Call Sue Maloney on 0418 654 063 or email on smaloney@maloneys.com.au


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